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Rogue bots are about to take over the city. Its up to cyberpunk hacktivist, Nano, to infiltrate their laboratory and shutdown their mainframe. Use her terminal visor to hack into and bypass security measures.

> Use tab to toggle Nano's visor to type in commands.
> Use W, A, S, D to move Nano.
> Use Q and E to cycle through multiple access points in range.

> The green circle is Nano's detection range and health indicator.
> Not all nodes that appear in Nano's visor need commands to be typed.
> The game does not pause when Nano has her visor down. Be quick!
> Some security nodes have multiple layers.
> Nano's health goes back to full after each room.

[This is a very early prototype for testing the concept of having a game based around the idea of using terminal commands as the main mechanic.]

Richard Angel, Sprite work
Daniel Boisselle, Lead programming
Alexander Boyd, Sprite work
Kyle Townsley, Sprite work
Joshua Valljeio, Sound & music
Stuart Winslow, assistant programming